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Aire Serv of The South Bay

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Heritage Heat & Air has changed their name to Aire Serv of the South Bay!


Weil mclain boiler crack

When heating and air conditioning trouble occurs, it seldom follows your timetable. So we, at Aire Serv of the South Bay, are committed to being there round the clock to provide top-quality heating and air conditioning services.

Our courteous and respectful technicians will fix it right the first time, or we will perform additional work at no cost to you. We are fully qualified to service, maintain and repair all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Not only are we involved with Pacific Swimming & USA Swimming, but Aire Serv of the South Bay is a locally owned and operated franchise that combines the quality assurance from a leading heating and air conditioning franchise with the personal relationship of a local business.

We always provide up-front pricing with no hidden fees so you can make the right decision for you and your family. Discover the difference for yourself. Call us today at

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(408) 229-8297 or

(800) 863-5217 and let us “Put You In Your Comfort Zone®”.



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